A warm welcome from our Director

01. About our School

Thank you for your interest in our school and for this opportunity to expose part of our wonderful community to you!

Acehall School, which is fast becoming a household name, is set in a serene environment in the centre of Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria and can be easily accessed from any location on the Lagos mainland.

The great vision was born out of a passionate desire for excellent education in Nigeria for children and young adults within the ages of 3 months to 17 years.

By the special grace of God, we have in the past decade made our mark in redefining teaching and learning in Lagos, Nigeria through our unique, diverse and fun approaches to learning. We have yearly mentored other schools through our LEARNING FOR LIFE (LFL) programs which feature the awesome way our students learn. Our students LOVE their school and are impacted for life!

We opened our doors to students in September 2008 with seven pupils in enrolment, four of whom were staff children and since then, we have graduated seven sets of students from our Primary school. It is noteworthy that our Alumni are all top students in their respective secondary schools; all glory to God Almighty!

We hope to commence the next phase; opening our doors to high school students from September 2020.

Acehall School is a child oriented and Christian school, open to all faiths. We are non – partisan and non discriminatory. Our students are admitted STRICTLY based on academic merit and willingness to succeed.

Please go through our school gallery for a glimpse of our rich educational experience. I sincerely look forward to welcoming you to our school during which you can feel the warmth, love and joy that characterize our community.

Best regards.

Authorby Moronke Oshosanya – DOE

Meet some of our important people

02. Leadership team

Acehall School's dedicated leadership team is endowed with a wealth of experience.

The team contribute their knowledge and expertise to direct and manage many components of Acehall School. Several members of the administration have an added connection to the school, being active members of teaching staff or alumni – or both.

The Leadership Team, composed of the Director of Education, Head of School, Head of Admin and other key administrators, meets weekly to collaborate and evaluate past and present school policy and operations, to help make sound decisions for the future. Additional responsibility include the daily management of school affairs.

Authorby Moronke Oshosanya – DOE

Mrs. A

Head of School

Adesola Oshosanya

Head, Admin

Mrs. A. John

Head, Early Years School

Mrs. C

ASF Chairman

Welcome to our website

03. Studio latest projects

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Authorby Moronke Oshosanya – DOE