The name “Acehall” means Hall of Excellence.

- Moronke Oshosanya

A Decade of Achievements

We opened our doors to students in September 2008 with seven pupils in enrolment, four of whom were staff children. That year, Acehall school students thrilled a large audience to an amazing end of year concert that showed off our students’ unique skills in confidence, communication and creativity. By January 2009, Acehall school had doubled her population, and since then has not stopped growing by God’s grace.

The school is located in a highbrow and serene environment in the centre of Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria and can be easily accessed from any location in Lagos.

Since our inception, we have graduated nine sets of students from our Primary school. We have had an excellent alumni record and their success stories speak for themselves. All our graduated students are leading students in all their secondary schools. Our first set, CLASS OF 2011 gained admission into the university this year.

Our school has bagged numerous awards, ranging from academics, to sports, arts and behaviour. Some of our notable and recent achievements include a recognition of our alumnus, Kamikun by the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May during her 2018 Summer visit to Nigeria for her unique skills in creativity and the confidence she exuded!

Beulah (Class of 2017) recently received the Principal’s Award for best article in English at Wellspring College. Rantimi (Class of 2016) is making giant strides in his school, he recently competed in Spain

Azino (Class of 2015) got accolades from the noble laureate Professor Wole Soyinka for her outstanding performance in Arts during the celebration of Lagos at 50!  Uche (Class of 2011) recently graduated from Lifeforte Secondary School as the best in Physics. We can go on and on about achievements of every alumnus!

Acehall School is definitely the school to beat! While we cherish our history, we recognize that the world is changing and thus, have to continue to prepare our students to adapt anywhere they find themselves in. The launch of the project based learning methodology (PBL) in 2018 will further equip our students with 21st century skills, particularly skills in the 4 Cs: Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity.

Acehall School is definitely the school to beat! Within our short history, we have imparted young minds that Nigeria and the world at large should watch out for.

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