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Thank you for your interest in Acehall School. We look forward to meet you and to help you learn more about our admissions process.

We believe that:

  • Education is an international phenomenon
  • All children should have access to quality education
  • Learning is a skill that must be taught to children
  • All children have the ability to learn given equal opportunities
  • Children learn best when offered an enabling environment which encourages them to explore and make discoveries
  • Each child is a unique entity, hence learns differently and as such must be made an active participant of his/her learning
  • The teacher is the key determinant of learning in the classroom.

Our philosophy embraces internationalism in the widest sense. We believe the world is a global village and our intention is to raise children who will compete healthily and successfully among their peers anywhere they find themselves on the globe.

We offer a low student-teacher ratio, with students spending most of their time in small class sizes of 10-15 students. Our teachers are ongoing learners who participate in the continual evaluation and update of our curriculum. We embrace new research methods about learning and incorporate new ideas into our academic program to maintain teaching excellence and meet the needs of young learners.


Acehall School is a child-oriented Christian school, OPEN to all faiths. We are non–partisan and non-discriminatory. Our students are admitted STRICTLY based on academic merit and a willingness to succeed.

All intending Primary School students are required to undergo an assessment for entry into the classes from Years 1 through 6. Applicants from the EYFS Years to Year 6, wherever possible, would be expected to attend a familiarization day at the campus, which also is part of the admissions process. Parents, along with their wards, will also be required to meet with the Director of Education or the Head of Academics.


Prospective students from other schools, seeking admission once an academic session has started, will gain admission based upon receipt and evaluation of official records from their previous school, which confirms that they were active attendees of that school and have no outstanding issues; either financial or in academics.

Students will still be required to undergo the aforementioned Admission procedures (as stated in the paragraph above.)

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Contact our Admissions Office:

Phone: (+234) 805-223-3723, (+234) 812-477-5372
Email: admissions@acehallschools.com
Address: 113 Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja. 100218