113 Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja,
Lagos. 100218



Admission procedures begin every year in April and recommendation into classes is done strictly by age. The school admits children from 3 months to age 11 years.

Each student and member of staff will be required to tender a medical report at the beginning of every academic year. This is to ensure safety of every member of our school community.

Parents are expected to co-operate with the school in this regard. Children whose medical reports are not submitted may be excluded from class.

The school policy requires that parents/guardians pay their wards fees on or before the first day of term.

You will be choosing ACEHALL SCHOOL because we are simply UNIQUE – we are the first PBL School in Nigeria. We offer ourselves to our pupils.

Acehall School provides you with great value for your money. We give more as a matter of fact!

The visionary and Director of Studies, Mrs Moronke Oshosanya, is seasoned!

She has a wealth of experience in education and has been tried and tested. She is a certified teacher who has worked across all levels of Nursery and Primary education, using varied curricula as a Teacher, Head of Department and Head of School.

She is presently a consultant for many schools, within and outside Lagos State.

Acehall School offers educational stability and continuity as we cater for a diverse age group (3 months – 11 years). We ensure that every child has a voice and varied opportunities to excel by maintaining a very healthy teacher-pupil ratio.

Acehall School gives her students varied opportunities to learn. We organize many programs such as National Day, End of Year concert, Love Feasts, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day and so on. These programs offer unique opportunities for our students to learn about other aspects of life which may not be found on pages of their textbooks, as they participate in drama presentations, speech deliveries, song rendition. Parents are expected to attend school programs as much as possible as this reminds students that school is important.

You will usually get newsletters to keep you abreast of our programs.

We run a rich extensive and customized curriculum, tailored after the English National Curriculum with elements of the Nigerian curriculum, which elevates the pride and esteem of the African child.

Our students are guided as they explore, discover, develop skills and form opinions about how the world works. They are able to apply developed skills to real life situations.

All students are offered leading textbooks with content delivered by highly qualified and experienced teachers who are committed to their students.

Personalized reading is also encouraged. Every classroom has a mini library aside from the general school library. General and classroom libraries are furnished with books that catch the children’s fancy with collections such as “Encyclopaedia, Classics, Biography, Fication and Non-Fiction – Tarzan, Barbie, Ninja Turtles, Incredibles, Hot Wheels, Pocahontas”, just to mention a few.

Acehall School boasts an outstanding range of facilities. Our environment and classrooms are spacious and well-equipped. These include an Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Room with controlled internet facilities, Library, Special rooms for Music and Arts, Dining room among others.

All students at Acehall School are required to offer swimming, performing arts and special reading classes as co-curricular every term. Students may be exempted from swimming classes on medical grounds, such claims must however be backed by medical documentation.

Aside from co-curricular activities, there are extra-curricular activities on offer. These include Taekwondo, Arts & Design, Brownies and Boys’ Scouts. All students who remain in school after 3:30 pm daily must be registered for extra-curricular activities to keep them gainfully occupied. Registration entails payment of appropriate fees. Kindly consult class timetables for the schedule.

Our standard is truly of international quality. There are set challenging targets for achievement for every age and class level, with a focus on the English National Strategy’s four important principles: expectations, progression, engagement and transformation. There is also a strong sense of discipline within the school, focused on developing self discipline in each student. Discipline is based on mutual respect. Also, our school environment is very conducive and friendly.

Acehall School is a member of various professional bodies such as the Private Schools Forum (P.S.F.) Nigeria and UK. We also run twinning programmes with high quality international schools abroad.

Uniforms are exclusively provided by the school, so parents are required to purchase all uniforms from school. Footwear must be black covered leather shoes with black calf/knee-length socks. Sneakers and sport wears are allowed only on PHE days.

Girls’ hair must be braided always (attachments and weaves are not allowed). Girls in the primary school are allowed to decorate their hair with minimal coloured beads-pink, yellow, blue and white.

Jewelry is limited to studs for girls and wrist watches with leather strap for both boys and girls. Please note that religious ornaments such as rosaries, scapula, may only be worn upon a written request by parents and approval from the management. Students who violate any of our dress codes may not be admitted into class.